The mysterious sun

It’s my personal work. Using softwares: Houdini, Redshift, Fusion, Davinci resolve.

Firstly i tried to learn phisics of the sun. I wanted to create physically correct behavior, unfortunatly i cound not find any documents about distribution on the solar flares (curves), so i assume that the magnetic field causes these shapes, therefore I placed randomly the magnetic source on the surface and  computed the magnetic field of it and helping with that interesting curves was created. The surface of the sun was created based on the source of solar flares and custom noises. As for the prominance (lava) simulation, it was created using flip with many custom forces.

My goal was to create every effects procedurally,  because it’s a good practice, challenging and funny i think.

For the past four months I’ve been working on that project  in my spare time.

Thanks to one of my client, who showed me a brilliance of the sun and gave me that idea

While working on that project of the sun, I came up those effects, that I thought it would be interesting to finish as side projects of them. First one is based on a system of the solar flares and second one on a technique of the eruption of the solar prominance.