3D / FX Artist


Greetings, I extend my gratitude for your taking the time to visit my website.

Master of Science in Electronics Engineering, embarking on an improbable career change and relishing every step of the way!

My creative journey commenced with After Effects and Cinema 4D, however, it was the discovery of Houdini that allowed me to seamlessly integrate my technical acumen with my imaginative flair. My primary expertise is in simulations and scripting (VEX, C++, Python). Additionally, I am adept at creating assets (HDA) and tools to streamline workflows. Driven by a passion for procedural processes, I consistently strive to find innovative solutions in all my endeavors.

Right now I’m working on a really exciting project, where I’m building a completely procedural system for automatic creating environments of games. Along with Houdini, I use the new and amazing plugin PCG of Unreal engine.

During my leisure hours, I enjoy indulging in cycling and performing classical musical pieces on the piano.

Should you desire to collaborate, inquire about my qualifications, or just say hi — please drop me a line!