Mystical fire


It’s my personal work

The main FX were inspired by Wataru Ikeda’s amazing work making in UE4.26 Niagara. You can see it here –  FX in UE4

I wanted to do a similar combination of effects in a realistic way in Houdini. For rendering i used Karma XPU and Solaris. I would say, that Solaris is very handy, when you need a ability to manage multiple elements within a single scene and also need a non-destructive setup for further manipulation.

For the main explosion, I used tricks and techniques obtained from CG Forge’s epic course, which I recommend to everyone –  Pyro III – Large Explosions

I also wanted to try Unreal Engine 5 in a different way in my workflow. I utilized Megascans free assets to construct the entire environment within UE5, leveraging the innovative features of Nanite and Lumen to efficiently render a highly detailed and expansive scene.

The environment from UE5 and FX from Houdini is finally combined in a composition using Blackmagic Fusion.

One of my goals was to create dynamic camera motion, and I am hopeful it feels dynamic.